Check out the White Room Snowboard Photo exhibition

Check out the White Room Snowboard Photo exhibition

February 03, 2010 @ 1:28 PM – News: Events

LBC has teamed up with the best photographers and designers in the British snowboard industry and brings you the White Room, presenting all the different facets of snowboarding in the best artistic way.

These are some of the artists the exhibition features:

NATHAN GALLAGHER – Photographer, clients include Quiksilver, Vans, Relentless Energy drink, Red Bull, Nokia and many more.

Nathan Gallagher, born in the mountainous climbs of the West Midlands in the UK, his passion for photography inherited from his father, his love of snow born of many seasons spent in the Rocky Mountains. He started shooting for magazines in the UK and Europe 10 or so years ago, going on to shoot for many core snow-sports brands and those brands outside the core wanting a piece of the action.

MARK WARD – Graphic Artist. Recent projects include designs for Stussy Clothing, Burton Snowboards, Es Skateboards, Nike and Adidas.

Mark Ward’s work references the everyday mundane and injects it into the ever out-ofreach fantasy world of the glossy media. Influences range from skateboard graphics, punk flyers and Americana to packaging, signage and the other wonderful sights of South London. Mark graduated from Central St. Martins. Since then, working with a mix of spray paint, acrylic and his paint splattered Mac, he has worked internationally across fashion, magazine covers, editorial and commercial installations.

MATT BLEASE – Illustrator. Clients include Nike, Howies Clothing, Coca-Cola, MTV

Matt has been drawing pictures for 28 years. He loves riding his bike, Skateboarding, Chinese Chequers and Johnny Cash. Currently he’s working on a children’s book called Flat Ghosts. They’re a rare breed of ghosts that are as thin as a slice of bread, (medium sliced). A kind of psychedelic mix of the Yellow Submarine meets the Moomins.

JAMES NORTH – Photographer. Works for Whitelines, The Reason Snowboard Magazine, Vans, Burton, Westbeach, and Bataleon snowboards.

James North provides some of the finest snowboard and travel imagery for top snowboarding brands and many of Europe’s leading snowboard magazines and journals. He found an early love for Photography at 15, exploring all its possibilities he went on to complete a BA Hons Degree. Since then, he stacked up many seasons away in the wide platter of European hills fine tuning his trigger fingers skills and getting very cold…

DAMIAN DOYLE – Videographer. Owner of snowboard film production company ‘Standing Sideways.’

Damian has produced a number of UK’s top snowboard films including ‘Hungerpain’ and ‘thisISBritain’ – TSA’s dryslope and indoor extravaganza filmed on tour around over 25 of the UK’s artificial slopes.

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