Xmas presents by Surfers Against Seawage

Xmas presents by Surfers Against Seawage

December 21, 2009 @ 2:46 PM – News: Europe


Who doesn’t like to receive Xmas presents you think? Probably not those, SAS sent out today: as a part of their Return To Offender campaign they wrapped rubbish they found all over Britain’s beaches in Christmas wrapping paper and sent it back to the companies that produced the items. Of course it’s not the companies themselves that littered, but with this action SAS is trying to make manufactures reduce their packaging, invest in low impact packaging, support grass roots anti-litter campaigns and improve their anti littering message,

Want to be a part of that too? Then dowload the Return To Offender letter from sas.org.uk, sign it and send it to the manufacturers.

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