MFR Ask the Rider Wrap-Up

MFR Ask the Rider Wrap-Up

October 22, 2009 @ 6:57 AM – Features: Interviews


Marie-France Roy just finished up her first Ask the Rider, live Twitter interview this past Friday, October 16th.  For two hours Marie was hammered with tons of questions ranging from requests on tips and riding advice, to her thoughts on balloon boy.

Here’s a look at a few of the questions MFR was fielding:

“MFR, for ladies wanting to get into park rippin, is it better to ride with guys or other girls??”
@eagletron I think to progress it’s best to ride with someone that’s better than you. Depends if boys push you more or girls – MFR

“MFR, will you go on a date with me?”
@bakesale If you’re nice and a good handyman then maybe! – MFR

“MFR, you and Natasza are my two favorite riders! Thanks for the inspiration. Any words of advice to shred like you?”
@stefnotsofunny Thank you! I think the best advice is to love it, and keep doing it! Doesn’t matter how good you are, just have fun! – MFR

In the end the winner of the brand new Rome Bindings was the random tweeter @stefnotofunny, for the question “Quick question, should I be a Ninja turtle, Ghost Buster, or Minnie Mouse for Halloween?” I think the answer MFR gave was Ghost Buster.

“I thought it was sweet that people actually came online to ask me questions. I was super stoked. Thanks to everyone that wrote in!” – Marie-France Roy

Stay tuned to and to see who’ll be taking your questions next.