Hana Beaman Interview

Hana Beaman Interview

October 14, 2008 @ 9:32 AM – Features: Interviews

Hana Beaman Interview

Forget Friends sitcoms and sod Starbucks, we vote top snowboarder Hana Beaman, 26, one of the USA’s finest exports. We catch up with the champion shredder to chat sun, surf, slopes and descending from Eskimos…

From: Big Bear Lake, Ca

How long have you been riding? Somewhere around 16 or 17 years.

Sponsors? Vans, Nixon, Smith, Amp’d Mobile, Pharmacy Rideshop, Grenade Gloves, Atmosphere, Blue Bird Wax, Mammoth Mountain.

Have you always loved snowsports? 
Yes! I think I might be part Eskimo cause I practically lived in the snow when I was younger.

How did you get into snowboarding?
My parents got me into it. They worked at the local mountain and were always looking for something fun and new to try. I was 6, so I kinda just did it.

When did you decide to commit to snowboarding full time?
While I was in my freshman year of college. I got to go to Super Park in Mammoth and some people noticed me. Things just started falling into place and I decided to go for it and put off college.

Do you consider yourself to be an adrenaline junkie?
No, I’m simply a fun-finder.

Can you give us a run down of your average day? 
Right now, it’s wake up, breakfast, stretch, drive, gym/ PT, drive, lunch, beach, something fun, cruise around, internet, dinner, go out or relax, sleep. But in the winter it’s… wake up early, eat something, get my stuff together, drive, go sledding or fly somewhere or head to to mountain to ride/compete, come home, unpack, do whatever needs to be done, internet, hang out with friends, dinner, maybe some TV or movie, sleep.

And if you could have the perfect day, what would it include?
It would include like five more hours! A fun pow sesh in the morning and a fun surf in the evening, lots of friends and fun.

Favorite spots?
I love to snowboard at Mammoth with all the homies, and Jackson hole is such an awesome place to ride too. In the summer, the ladies and I like to chill around Doheney and San ‘O. You know, catch some rays. But my favourite spot is usually whichever one I’m at.

How do you prepare for a big competition? 
Practice enough to make sure I’m solid and confident.

Do you still get nervous before a big contest?
Just a little, but yeah, I think it’s good to be a bit nervous. It keeps you on your toes.

What is the atmosphere like behind the scenes?
Depends on the day, but mostly fun and friendly.

What are your suitcase essentials when you’re on the road?
Beanies, handy wipes, comfy pants and shoes, pedicure supplies, ipod and a good book.


Favorites on your ipod?
Mew, Bjork, Madonna, the Cramps, Peaches, Goldfrapp, Rolling Stones, some booty rump shaking music, and meditative Indian Sitar and a lot of other little stuff.

What have been your biggest career setbacks?
Letting others decide what is important to me. Not listening to my instincts, and forgetting why I do this.

What have your greatest achievements been so far?
I was really stoked to win TWsnow female rider of the year the other year. Winning the US Open Slopestyle twice. Getting second in winter X-Games Slopestyle twice. Winning the Sims World Championship Slopestyle and Big Air. But most of all, I think I get more excited about all the little progressions that happen throughout the year… ones that seem insignificant.

Who or what are your inspirations? 
Everybody! The girls I ride with and the guys I have ridden with in the past.

Jack Daniels, hot guys, and all my friends. No, seriously, my mom and dad are the biggest influence, and just everybody I meet. I try to take a little something from everyone.

What affect does snowboarding have on your personal life?
A LOT, ha ha!

How do you relax when you get the chance?
Meet up with friends, and laugh. Look for new music, or sunnin’ the buns!

What’s up next for you?
Good times, and hard work. Travel, get strong, enjoy it. Besides that, we’ll just have to see…