Navman Sport Tools Winners!

Navman Sport Tools Winners!

Closing date: December 14, 2006 @ 6:48 PM

Congratulations to our two lucky winners Chantel Heath and Eugenia Dueck!

Who says girls don’t like gadgets? Action girls will love the new Navman GPS performance monitors where every colour has been designed for a particular sport.

Worn strapped to the arm, the blue R300 Run (£100/149 euro) displays speed, pace, distance and calories burned to help runners reach their training goals. The green S300 Street (£80/119 euro) is designed for inline skaters and mountain bikers to monitor how far and how fast they’re moving. The red A300 Alpine (£120/175 euro) gives skiers and snowboarders the chance to work how fast they’re going, how fast they can do different runs, and how many miles they can cover in a day. And the yellow waterproof M300 Marine (£120/175 euro) is for windsurfers, sailors and canoeists to chart mileage and speed across the waves.

Navman Sport Tools are available at and 0800 328 6512. Quote ‘Cooler Magazine’ for an extra 10% discount.

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