Lush Longboard Winners!

Lush Longboard Winners!

Closing date: March 22, 2007 @ 2:15 PM

Congratulations to our two lucky winners: Sarah Alden and Judith Masser

Longboarding is back and girls are loving the revolution. “Longboarding is not just about street tricks, it’s about the lifestyle, and when the surf’s not up, and the next trip to the mountain is weeks away, girls are stepping on their decks and heading out for a cruise,” says Matt Pearce at Lush Longboards who’s spreading the word that skating is going back to its Californian surfside roots.

Longboards can whizz through traffic, corner sharp bends, carve up hills, handle all sorts of terrain and still hold their own in a skate park. They can also reach speeds of 50mph, which is why gutsy girls are taking to downhill. Lush Longboards sponsors Swedish skaters The Asphalt Amazons who are among the top 10 fastest girls in Europe.

Lush Longboards has designed gorgeous girl-specific graphics for three longboard decks: the Mako, Makonga and Kuni.

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