Nature Calls

December 05, 2008 @ 2:33 PM – Steph

By Northern Hemisphere standards, it’s time to shred! And it couldn’t have come any slower. Summer may be all warm and cheery, but nothing is refreshing as a good powder shot to the face or ice chunks down your pants. The snowboard video premier season has come and gone, and the floor in the apartment is looking a little haggard as a result of indoor summer carpet jibbing. At least the new boots are broken in, and the video parts have beefed up the new beat selection that now shuffles through the mp3. It’s a fair trade off.

I’ve called Park City, Utah home for the last 2 ½ years. Originally from the Seattle area, I headed inland to pursue the elusive 100+ day snowboard season and became fascinated by Utah’s high respect for green Jell-O, fry sauce, Dutch Ovens and its weird attraction to beehives. But something about the green Jell-O just gives me the willies. I work for the Park City Visitor’s Bureau and pick up some freelance writing when the snow-covered hills aren’t luring me to their sweet, jagged peaks.

I’ll be reppin’ the Cooler life from the US, and no doubt stories of shenanigans and mischief will be droppin’ soon.

Peace, love and pow —