Sunshine @ Animal Windfest

September 17, 2008 @ 5:24 AM – Steph Caller

With Poole’s Animal Windfest celebrating its 10th Aniversary, this year’s event was set to be the best yet. Having been a pretty average summer weather-wise everyone was prepared for the worst, but the weekend turned out to be one of the sunniest all year… there was even some wind on Sunday for the kiteboarders and windsurfers!!

Aside from the main wind events, it was great to see such a wide mixture of sports all being demoed along the beach… with a skate ramp, wakeboard pool gap and mountain bike park, there was plenty going on to keep everyone entertained.

Myself, Matt (Crowhurst), Dan (Jordan), Lewi (Cornwall), Lee (Debuse), James (Young), Louis (Floyd) and Taylor (Dell) made up the crew demoing the rails on the pool gap during timed shows (Seaworld stlye) throughout each day. It was cool to ride in front of a big crowd, although a little embarrassing when you faceplant and get a mouthful of sand… haha!!

With 3 pools and 6 hits to choose from, it was a wicked set-up. All the boys were boosting massive off the gap rail, throwing down big spins and steezy grabs, but nothing pleased the crowd as much as Dan’s tantrums off the end of the s rail (pretty ballsy considering the landing pool wasn’t much more than ankle deep)!

Taylor rode sick on his skate all weekend too, until the last show where he bust his arm, landing with it straight on the bottom of the shallow end pool… we’re hoping organize a bit more water for next year!!

Special mention also to Jay (Stephenson) who did a sound job as MC, supported by Louis’s 8yr old bro Connor who Jay had giving out freebies and teasing the ladies in the crowd, when he wasn’t running handles back up to the top of the pool… what a little gansta!

Great weekend and thanks to everyone @ Animal for putting on such a sick event!