On the way home…

May 06, 2008 @ 12:42 AM – Steph Caller

Having spent almost 6 months chasing the sun, it’s nearly time to come home! Since my last blog, I have ridden in a winching demo in Melbourne and more recently entered the first stop of the 2008 Australian Cable Wakeboard Tour. Bli Bli hosted the event and I was stoked to place second in the Pro Women’s division, especially as it was by far the toughest level of competition I have ever ridden in. A few days after the tour stop we flew to the Philippines and have been riding at Camsur Watersports Centre for around two weeks now with just one week left here before flying back to the UK.

With only a few more days riding left, it might seem a bit odd that I’m sitting at my laptop writing this blog, but I suffered a pretty nasty back edge yesterday trying a blind judge (a raley with a backside 180) and knocked myself out, so thought it best to give it a bit of a rest today! I remember thinking: ‘…this lap I’m gonna go for it’ and the next thing I remember was sitting up on the stretcher (apparently half an hr or so later) and being handed a glass of water! I may go out for a skate later this afternoon and do some follow-cam filming, but am enjoying resting in the air-con for now!

But yeh… apart from the back edge I’m having a great time here, and CWC is without a doubt the best cable park I have ever been to! The obstacles in the lake are amazing and the cable is really tight too, which means you get loads of pull doing inverts. The resort here is sick as well… beers are like 30p and an hour’s massage is £7!  Plus everyone is super friendly and there are beautiful waterfalls, hot springs and postcard-style islands just a short drive from the complex.

So yeh… not hugely looking forward to leaving this paradise and coming back to sunny England, but heard it was 28 degrees last weekend, so I guess we may be in for a good summer… fingers crossed!