Fun times on tour!!

August 17, 2008 @ 3:58 PM – Steph Caller

Headed up by cable riders Liu Batchelor and Steph Caller, the ‘Board Housewives’ cable wakeboard tour of the UK was a great success. Over 3 days (7-9 August) the girls drove from Princes Club down south all the way up to Sheffield Cable Waterski via WakeMK. Around 35 girls turned up in total to all of the stops and girls of all levels were encouraging one another to try new tricks. It was great to see so much enthusiasm and so many girls out on the water riding together.

Over the weekend there was heaps of progression, with many girls landing new inverts off both the kickers and the water. Kirsteen Mitchell landed a switch toeside frontroll, Liu a toeside backroll, Steph a scarecrow, and Kath Moore stomped a massive roll to revert off the water, all for the first time. Although she didn’t quite ride it away Chloe Jones impressed everyone by getting super close to landing tantrum to blind and Sarah Kingdom got a huge cheer when she almost claimed her first raley… yeh girls!! Special mention also goes to Bec Compton who got around the cable for the first time, despite needing stitches in her lip two weeks previously after whacking herself with a wakeboard whilst trying to make it round the corners.

Although the girls rode hard, they played hard too, inventing some crazy games in the bar (involving marshmallows and balloons!!) and dressing up in bikinis over wetsuits to go riding on Saturday morning! Alexis Twidgen and Amy Garner pulled off this look particularly well sporting red and pink bikinis respectively.

Before heading home after a great weekend, the following prizes were awarded (courtesy of Animal Clothing):

Most progressed riders: Chloe Jones and Bec Compton
Most enthusiastic riders: Sally Goodhall, Jennifer Read and Sophie Wickham
Chubby bunny marshmallow eating champion: Amy Garner
Kneeboarding skills: Katie & Sarah Lias
Best bikini style: Alexis Twigden

Thanks to all the cables for letting the girls ride, Chris Caller and Jo Jefferies for filming (Andreas Voss @ Cable Addicts for providing video equipment), David Turner and Ed Williamson for taking photos, Clare Hopgood at Animal for providing prizes, and Nick Green for giving the girls Hyperlite/Ronix boards to demo.

Liu and Steph hope to put on a bigger and better event next year and would love to hear your ideas. Everyone (female!!) is welcome to join in and support is always appreciated.