It has been a crazy start to November

November 07, 2006 @ 8:51 AM – Stacey Mulligan

Hey Ladies

So it has been a crazy start to November but a very good one. This past weekend I was able to escape my school work, which is starting to seem endless, and go to Woodward Camp in Pennslyvania. Woodward is always a great time but this time in particular was especially great. My friends from Spain were there visiting and riding for two weeks so with my boyfriend and Nina Buitrago we headed out for the whole weekend. While there I worked on my 360’s, which are a trick that tends to scare me depending on how big the box jump is that I want to try it on. I also fell in love with their huge 6ft mini ramp all over again. Over all it was great riding ramps again since all I feel like I was riding lately was cement. Ramps are definitely a break on the body.

Besides riding I have been running and I am trying to prepare for my first 10k race at the end of December. I have really noticed how running has helped my riding with overall endurance and quicker reactions when I fall. I really recommend working out besides riding or skating, it totally helps.

Well thats pretty much all I have been up to so now I am going to get back to writing another 50 million page paper and then some!!