I am Stacey Mulligan and I ride freestyle BMX for Etnies Girl

November 06, 2006 @ 9:53 AM – Stacey Mulligan

Hi ladies,

I should probably start by introducing myself. I am Stacey Mulligan and I ride freestyle BMX for Etnies Girl. Freestyle BMX has definitely been an untapped action sport but more and more girls are starting to give it a try, which all of you should!! It involves riding anything from ramps to dirt jumps to street ledges and rails and I have to say it is so awesome being able to go as fast and high as we do on our little 20inch bikes.

Already BMX has taken me all over the world for different events and video parts. This summer I was in Europe filming for the up and coming Etnies Girl video. For the most part I was based out of Malaga, Spain but I went everywhere and I mean everywhere. I think I made it to 32 different cities and 7 different countries, all just to ride my bike. I wanted to film in Europe because there are so many unseen spots and skateparks. I thought it would be awesome to give a whole different perspective on BMX that you normally don’t get to see in the US. Also every spot and park I went to had the most beautiful backgrounds, whether it was the beach or a city.

I also got to enter my second international contest in Cologne, Germany at the BMX Masters. They were awesome this year with supporting an all girl’s class. I ended up having a good, lucky day and taking home first and I have to say the girls in Europe are really stepping it up. I felt so lucky to be riding with girls from all over the world with different styles and tricks. I learned so much at that contest thanks to all the girls that entered.

While in Europe this summer I also got the privilege to attend the Etnies 20th year anniversary party with the whole Etnies Girl team. It was held in Paris, France and with it being my first time to Paris I have to say I was overwhelmed. The party was actually in front of the Eiffel Tower! Etnies Girl also launched their 2007 fashion and footwear line with a fashion show that was so far above and beyond what anyone anticipated. I am so excited to soon be wearing some new clothes with designs that no one else has ever seen and actual girl specific shoes that are perfect for riding. I was so tired of wearing guys shoes that’s for sure!

Since the summer has ended, I have returned to my semi-permanent home in Pittsburgh, PA where I go full time to University of Pittsburgh. I am a communications major with a concentration in Spanish while also looking forward to graduating this year. Finally! But hey school is well worth it, I think it has made my focus for other things such as riding stronger.

While here so far I have been riding with my roommate and Etnies girl teammate Nina B. at different trails and parks all over the city. The fall in Pennsylvania is the best anywhere so I am looking forward to riding outside but with cooler temperatures then this past summer. We are getting some photos done for Etnies Girl right now and we will be soon heading out to California to do a Girls Get on Board clinic for Etnies Girl. It will be October 14th in Lake Forest, CA at the Etnies Skatepark.

Well, hopefully this lets you all know a little bit about me and I will be sure to keep you all posted about all the great things happening for girls’ freestyle BMX this year.