Wishing I was American

January 22, 2009 @ 10:25 AM – Sam Haddad

They have some of the best waves, beaches, mountains and snow parks in the world, not to mention California, the epicentre of global boardsports culture. But it wasn’t until I was watching the inauguration that I properly wished I was American. I’ve been a shameless Obama geek for about two years now, since a friend in San Francisco alerted me to his potential greatness. I’ve read his humility-laden books, am forever watching his beautifully-crafted speeches on youtube and drunkenly arguing with cynical friends over whether he can actually make a difference. And now, as the giddy whooping crowds, that I so wanted to be a part of, quieten, the moment of truth is here and we’ll get to see if he really can can make shit happen. I reckon he can. I also can’t imagine ever getting this excited about a British politician, which is depressing, but there you go.

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