easyJet lacking snowboard love

March 20, 2009 @ 2:02 PM – Sam Haddad

Last week I went for a shred in St Anton. The freeriding was as epic as I’d dared dream (read all about it in a future issue of the mag) but I nearly didn’t get to ride the beautiful pow thanks to some boardbag chaos from easyJet. Now first off I should say that I like easyJet and always stick up for them in group rants about low costs airlines. I hate the Ryan Air dude more than life itself, but that’s for another day.

But to fleece me £46 for taking my snowboard bag out, and then to not put it on my flight when I was only going out for three and a half days and planned on riding that afternoon is taking the piss. It got added to a later flight that night and the only reason I then didn’t have to spend 120 euros on a taxi back to the airport to collect it is because the kind lady (big up Sue) at the lost and found desk put it in the same taxi as a missing Monarch bag to St Anton. Monarch pay for lost bags to be sent on to the customer, easyJet don’t. The same thing happened to two other guys on my flight but who knows if they got their boards in time.

Boardbags not making easyJet flights to Innsbruck is apparently really common, but these are expensive times for snowboarders without having to deal with this shit on top. And what’s the alternative hiring rubbish overpriced boards in the resort? And while BA are no heroes, especially after their weird and shameful banning of surfboards, at least you can take your board and skis for free and after the T5 debacle they seem to have sorted the losing bag thing. Damn do I wish they still flew to Innsbruck.