Red Bull X-Fighters, Madrid

September 28, 2006 @ 11:42 AM – Rachel Atherton

Hi girls.

When I was asked to finish off my season with a trip to watch red bull x fighters in Madrid for a day, I couldn’t say no.

At Gatwick airport sat red bulls privately chartered plane, and along with their other athletes we made ourselves comfortable with a few bottles of vodka and some red bull tinnies.i was utterly star struck when I realised that juliette lewis and her band (juliette and the licks) were sat in front of me, Steve jones from T4, bez from happy Mondays (or big brother) and dirty sanchez were all along too. After an amazing Spanish dinner where we were serenaded- so to speak- by juliette and the licks we hit the main show.

Las Ventos bull ring is a sight unto itself, silhouetted against the black sky with its open domed windows glowing, I felt both daunted and excited. We were shown to our prime seats, heads touching the roof of the bull rings only undercover seats, the show began. Millions of fmx fans roaring and waving their white flags as travis pastrana and the boys came out, pretending to be bulls and chasing the “bull fighters”. The real action started with pastrana throwing down the most whipped whips ive ever seen, followd by nate adams with a superman backflip and Ronnie renner with the ‘coffin’, all over absolutely huge jumps.

After an hour of the best freestyle motocross in the world, the judges gave pastrana the gold, the bull ring erupted in fireworks, people revving bladeless chainsaws, champagne spraying everywhere, and a sea of white flags saw and end to the best night of the year.

Red Bull X-Fighters

I was nervous of going at first as I didn’t know many people, but ive met some awesome people and im glad I made the decision to DO IT.