Our Camp Summer Blog: Day Two

July 23, 2008 @ 3:38 PM – Our Camp

Day Two

Jessica is a liftie – in Britain. She’s proud to work at Nevis Range, one of Scotland’s four remaining resorts, and this season (lasting from February through April) got in about five days a week on our very own powder, hardpack and heather. Having never ridden outside Scotland before, she had planned a summer trip to the Alps with some friends – aiming to get at least a few days on snow between now and next season. The friends cancelled, Jessica typed in “girls’ freestyle camps”, and voila – she’s at Our Camp. Actually, that makes it sound a bit too easy: Jessica’s travel plans included a night bus from Scotland to Stansted, which first broke down and then abandoned her in Birmingham when she went to make a call to check on her flight. She rolled into 2 Alpes a day late, weary but determined…

“I can panic a lot about meeting new people, but when I arrived yesterday afternoon I found it really welcoming; everyone seemed really calm, despite the typical Scottish weather that they’d had up the hill. Fortunately the weather today was amazing, really hot and sunny. I only started riding in the park this year, but because I was in a group of girls I didn’t mind giving new stuff a go; at home the guys are always going huge, so unless I ride with the one other girl at our hill I find that I don’t really push myself. Today landed my first backside 180, which I surprisingly found easier than a frontside one. Gilly was telling us to just give it a go and everyone was goi