Winter in Aspen

Posted on January 03, 2007 @ 3:21 PM

Hello everyone!

Well, I am sitting up here at our condo in Aspen and staring out at the beautiful blue sky we have come to know and love out here. The holiday season was filled with unexpected weather and some amazing skiing!

Although, the snow wasn’t always falling where we wanted it to! The city of Denver received more snow than they knew what to do with, cancelling flights, closing schools, and even closing hospitals! The big storm that hit the lower areas didn’t end up making its way all the way up to the mountains, but the snow that did make it still gave us something to be excited about.

The Oakley team made their way up to Snowmass (one of the four mountains that comprises Aspen) to shoot their product for the new season. This included the widely known and respected rider, Tanner Hall, and on the female side, Sarah Burke and Kristi Leskinen represented, continuing to help women break through the freeskiing scene. They drew quite a crowd as they closed down the park for the day in order to privately record the footage they needed.

The competitions and private filming out here have been going off the hook also, with air and rail jams over at Echo Mountain Park in Evergreen, Colorado, the North American Tour, which hosts moguls, aerials, and freeride events, and rail filming all over Denver. Riders can be spotted all throughout the big city, building jumps into the rails during the day and secretly hitting them in the wee hours of the morning. Echo Mountain Park is bringing in skiers and snowboarders from all over Colorado to participate in their fun and innovative jams, on their exclusively park-filled mountain. The Nor-Ams bring kids from all over the US, Canada and Japan to compete for not only victory, but also, for the American athletes, a spot on the US ski team. They recently added freeskiing to the billet, taking note of the widescale popularity of kid’s new ways of gettin down the mountain. The first of this series took place in Park City, Utah, where athletes were able to show off all the sick tricks they had learned over the summer.

That is all for now, but look out for more updates as the X-Games are rapidly approaching!