Positive Female Athletes

Posted on April 20, 2007 @ 3:30 PM

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to give you a quick update for April. Hope your all doing well. Enjoy!

On April 11, after attending a Etnies photo shoot in San Francisco, I attended the Billies at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. Hosted by the Womens Sports Foundation to honor positive female athletes in the media, the WSF raised more than $1.4 million dollars. High profile celebrities such as Geena Davis, NFL legend Deion Sanders, Jimmy Connors, Michelle Rodriguez, Marlee Matlin rubbed shoulders with some of the most phenomenal female athletes that hold record breaking titles in various sports. The evening was topped off with a beautiful and touching performance by Sir Elton John. I wish everyone I know could be there to attend this special evening with me. One day I hope to have a table full of my friends, families and supporters. It is such a big honor for me to be invited to this event and represent female surfing. You have no idea how inspiring it is to be in a room full of beautiful and talented female athletes, as well as be apart of a foundation that is giving back to our younger generations. Please check out http://www.womenssportsfoundation.com for more information and pictures about the event.

I recently took another another fun writing assignment. General Motors Saturn (yes, the car) has teamed up with Rodale, Inc (known for Backpacker, Best Life, Bicycling, Men’s Health, Organic Gardening, Prevention, Runner’s, You24, and Women’s Health Magazine) to create a new marketing campaign called Find Your Detour. Com. “Its a innovative, integrated marketing partnership to support Saturn’s reach, specifically via the Aura and the Outlook, into the healthy, active lifestyle marketplace. This site will encourage visitors to take a detour from their current fitness routines by exploring complimentary activities, such as snowboarding and yoga, in order to enhance their performance in their core sport. Site features will include daily blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts, profiles, and user-generated content that emphasize collaboration and sharing among participants. ” (rodale press release) So far there are athletes in various sports such as volleyball, climbing, kayaking, yoga and NOW SURFING. Wahooo! Keep your eyes open for print units in April issues of Rodale magazines listed above.

I have two commercials on air at the moment. I never see them with my own eyes but everyone else tells me when they are on. Keep your eyes peeled for the California tourism Commerical with Clint Eastwood, Tiger Woods, Haley Barry, Tony Hawk and myself. The other is a GM commericial with a brief glimpse of me surfing.

Don’t forget to check out Patagonia’s new surf catalog and head to their online website www.patagonia.com for brief preview a new surf movie “Sea Legs,” filmed in Indonesia.

Thats it for now!


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