Snowboarding in a Fridge

Posted on February 28, 2007 @ 10:56 AM

So instead of tormenting myself by constantly checking the snow reports of the Scottish resorts, I went to the next best thing – Glasgow’s snowdome Xcape!

I’ve snowboarded on a dry slope before by this is pretty crazy it’s like boarding inside a big fridge. The snow is just like real snow, but if the snow wears away, there’s artificial surface underneath, so there’s no danger that you’ll slide to a stop.

Every Friday night is freestyle night, when jumps and rails are constructed for boarders and skiers to master their tricks. I’m not a big jumper – but after a few runs I built up the courage to give it a go, so along with the other groms (why do I always end up grouped with the kids?) I managed the smallest jump and the tiniest rail – I was well chuffed.

Little snowboarders whiz past me and make me feel completely incompetent – but this place is great fun and should hopefully keep our potential new champs occupied while waiting for the mountains to get snow covered! Luckily I’m off to Whistler in a few weeks time so will have to start some serious practice if I’m to do the Canadian mountains any justice!!!