My small report from New Zealand!

Posted on October 02, 2006 @ 9:26 AM

I’m happy I just went on a trip to New Zealand so now I have some feelings and happenings to share with you all. I had never been there before, and I hadn’t been snowboarding in months… So I was really anxious to get my board strapped on again. And for that, I had to travel 26 hours!!!

It was real good to be back on snow but it was for sure strange to have to sleep with the heater on all night! I came down to Wanaka straight from a nice and warm summer in Norway. Its was pretty cold there even if it was spring, and the houses didn’t have any insulation at all so we were wearing our gear inside the house as long as possible when we got down from the slope just to avoid getting cold.

I was there with Kjersti Buaas, and a bunch of Roxy skiers! …and of course we swapped toys. I’m hooked on skiing from now! And I wasn’t too bad at it either…

It was my first time to New Zealand and I liked it a lot. On the way up to Snow park, there was plenty to see: first of all we passed a bunch of road kills (poor rabbits and possums) and a fence decorated with bras?! (see below) and over the narrow and slippery road up the hill we always had 6 eagles watching over us (it looks like eagles but its actually some kind of Hawk… Enough animal talk). The park was very very good.

It was some view when you suddenly got up to the parking lot and the whole park was laying there in front of you. Snowpark have good lines to choose from. Kicker line, with two take offs. A small rail line with smaller jumps, a bigger rail line with a hip at the end. Its also a big quarter pipe and a step up and two half pipes! Plenty to do, real fun to ride!

That’s all for now, check out my pictures instead if you don’t understand my “Norwegian English” writing

Lisa Wiik