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May 09, 2008 @ 12:17 PM – kathleen_moore

Hi there,

I’m Kath, I’ve been wakeboarding for the past 7 years. I learnt to ride on the Brisbane river back in 2001 when I met this hot guy with an even hotter boat! . I was inspired to try it when I heard you could do flips on the water! I came from a competitive swimming and gymnastic background so I was convinced wakeboarding was my sport. Generally beginners’ progression is really quick and once you start getting air there’s no turning back!

Within a year my boyfriend and I started up the Brisbane Wakeboard Association. This was a team based setup and in the first season we had 62 members. I met a bunch of other local riders and formed a chicks only team called the ‘Vaginamites’ (aussie chicks will get it). In the 2nd season we kicked ass and showed the boys how it’s done!

I guess you could say I’m competitive, I thrive on good competition and there’s no better feeling than going out and riding the best you can and winning. Most of the time that doesn’t happen but that’s the ultimate goal for me.

Kathleen Wakeboarding

In 2004 I won the Australian Nationals and secured myself a place on the Australian team to compete in the World Games in Duisburg, Germany (6th) and at The World Championships in Moscow, Russia (12th). Last year I retained my National Title and also had my first International win, Europe’s biggest Wakeboard and music event… Wakestock!

Travelling and meeting new and enthusiastic people is my favourite thing about wakeboarding. It’s created a fun and adventurous lifestyle that I’m totally hooked on.

I’ve been living and travelling around England since 2004. When it gets too cold I head back to Oz for a few months. I’ve just had my first winter in 4 years and went to Meribel and Val d’isere, I loved it but I’m definitely a summer girl. You may be wondering why I came to England to wakeboard? It’s the most common question people ask me, why not Oz or the States? …I’ll have to save the answer for a blog: it’s worth a write up on its own.

For now I’m trying to ride as much as possible mostly at JB ski, Thorpe. I’ll be coaching every wed throughout the summer so if you fancy giving it a go come ride with me!!! I’ll also be driving around the country doing coaching clinics with a bunch of clubs and with my sponsors Mastercraft and Liquid Force.

My other main time spender is Front Edge, I am the multimedia co-ordinator. We are an online digital media company, we have loads of wakeboarding podcasts which you can subscribe to free from iTunes, check it out! We also have a film out with a great chicks section, its called 360days! You can buy it online.

To wrap it up… this time next week I will be in Florida, embarking on the pro circuit for the first time, I’m pretty nervous but ridiculously excited, stay tuned and wish me luck!