Happy New Year Ya!

January 14, 2007 @ 8:49 AM – Kate Foster

I made it through my very first English Christmas! Over the years I’ve been bouncing about all over but this time stayed around home for the entire holiday! Minus the lack of snow it was great!

New Years made up of a trip to the local pub …. Passing parcels …. Poppin party poppers out in the street and for the first time ever sang Old Langs Syne! Bit of a New Years to remember!

Starting my countdown to snow!! heading to the Animal Camp in Saalbach Austria this weekend! Should be a good laugh! Getting all my new 2008 gear from Animal! Everything looks great! Excited to get it all out for the first time! Nothing beats new gear its all got that fresh feeling to it!

Did my first live studio radio show today! Felt like I was in a film …. sat down in the sound proof room with the big fluffy microphone in front of me! Great fun the interviewer took a head and shoulders shot of me as well as a full body shot took it around to the general public and asked what they thought I did. One response from and old copper was that I must be working with animals .. zoo keeper maybe …. Since Animal Clothing are one of my main sponsors I was wearing one of their jackets which led him to the idea of an animal worker of some kind… so that made me chuckle as that would be one of the last jobs I would like to do! Others thought I was only 17 so must still be a full time student ….. it was a bit eery as one women picked out personal attributes to what I’m like just from the picture! Gave me a few goose bumps .. but all in all it was a fun little experience!

Will let you know what we got up to in Austria this week!

Until next time … take care!