Where have the last few months gone???

March 17, 2009 @ 9:27 AM – juliebenker

Where have the last few months gone??? One minute I’m in the US in
minus 36 celsius, the next hiking the Glacier de Mort in Chamonix,
trying to get an even tan on time for the Brits as Tim and I will be
doing some presenting for the daily webcasts on Extreme.com. There’s
my plug.

I’ve also been doing bits of filming for Roxy who held their first
ever snow camp in Morzine a few weeks ago. Lesley McKenna was coaching
with a little help from the smartest 17-year old I’ve ever met, Aimee
Fuller. We had a blast and hopefully the short features I’ve put
together will reflect that… Candice O’Donnell, Britain’s reigning
longboard queen, came over for a couple of days and shredded some pow
with us even though she’d never been on a snowboard before, the girl
has a gift, seriously: slashed her way down the mountain, grabbed an
indy the first time she ollied off a kicker, laughed at all my unfunny
jokes. I like her a lot.

I’m also going to be doing some filming work for Animal, they’ve been
so effing good to me over the past 3 years, I really hope I can live
up to them be good enough to return the favor! I can’t say too much
now as everything is still being finalized as we speak but I’ll make
sure to post regular updates as to what we get up to with the whole
team! In the meantime, make sure you either make it to the Brits or
watch it as there should be some sick action on the kickers with the
presence of none other than Sam Pilgrim, one of the sickest mountain
biker around.

Last but not least, I’ve also been active on the Snowfix front, mainly
with Tim as Charlie’s still being a Londonder. Johno’s made his return
at last to the relief of thousands of teenage boys who only ever watch
the show coz he’s on it anyways. A few episodes have gone up since my
last entry, the latest one being 77,  it’s one of our best ones so far
according to our loyal viewers, so make sure to check it out,

I just re-read this entry and it’s made me really tired, can’t believe
I manage to make a baby and do all that sh*t. Sometimes I amaze

Peace out, Jools