Lucky to be alive

January 15, 2009 @ 10:03 AM – juliebenker

This is long overdue… Both tours (North America and Europe) are now over, Charlie has safely made his way back to London where he is looking into getting a puppy, Tim and his ever-so-caring caring girlfriend Emily are back in good old Morzine, Johno is winning yet more movie awards and I finally made it to Chamonix after changing my mind at the last second as to where I wanted to spend the winter…

I’m not going to spoil any upcoming episodes of Snowfix but let’s just say that that the last few weeks have been way more eventful than we could’ve ever imagined. Think heli-drops, Mike Douglas, huskies, avalanches, cancelled flights, broken airplanes, minus 35 celsius, snow storms, faces scarred for life, missing organs, sick powder, 8-hour long skidoo rides and you get a general idea of what’s been happening to us since we kicked the season off back on December 8th.

Episode 73 of Snowfix is just about to come up on so go check it out to find out exactly why Tim, Charlie and Johno are lucky to be alive, and why I’m simply chuffed that they are… xxx