October 31, 2008 @ 11:19 AM – juliebenker

Hey y’all, the long awaited second part of our special has landed at last on!

All hail to Simon Dumont and his lack of soccer skills and to Paddy Graham for being… for being so damn cute… The aptly named episode 69 is full of butts, we hope you like.
Coming up on the show over the next few weeks is our very own coverage of the London Ski Show and the LG Freeze, we’re talking quality here with the likes of Danny Kass, Jamie Nicholls and The Gimp granting us interviews despite their crazy busy schedules, massive airs and endless spins off the London kicker and general shenanigans usually involving Tim and Charlie and booze. Also, we’ll have more on the Snowfix World Tour really soon, we’re about to go film a special episode where we’ll tell you exactly where to be and when to come party with us this winter so keep your eyes out, pack your board bags and make your way to the mountains coz that’s where the future’s at.

Love from the Team xxx