Warm and Windy in South Africa

February 14, 2007 @ 11:33 AM – Emma York

I am half way into my 3 month trip out here in South Africa and am really enjoying every single day. I have been coming out here for several years to go kiteboarding in Langebaan and Cape Town over the UK winter months. Mostly I spend my time in the warmer, flat waters of the Langebaan lagoon, but this year I have made some conscious efforts to get to more beaches and to make more trips into Cape Town to get out in the waves.

Last week I spent two days in Cape Town as the swell was pumping and it was producing 4-5m waves. It was quite scary as some sets coming in from out the back were enormous, but it was great to be out there. The day before had produced a really good evening session out in the waves and we were hoping for the wind to come up sooner so we could get out again. Driving out past the mountain along the beach road, we got to Llandudno beach which is a well known surf spot, to check out the waves. I can only say that they were some of the biggest waves I have ever seen. Huge green, rolling walls of water, cracking like thunder when they break to hit the beach with white, foamy water. It was amazing to sit and watch!!

Most days we have been getting a Southerly or South-Easterly wind, (wind from the left), but the last couple of days we have been treated with Northerlies (wind form the right) and some more good swell. Saturday I spent most of the morning driving south of Cape Town, down near Cape Point to a beach called Witsands. When we arrived it was not looking too inviting and proceeded to rain for a good 30 minutes. But as the sun was coming out, it was time to get into my wetsuit. The wind was quite offshore (coming off the land) and strong, but the waves were coming in really nice with big flat sections in between.

Back in Langebaan, I have scored 2 really good days at Shark Bay, my favourite spot. It is super flat, warm water, great for learning new tricks!

Swell is due to pick up again at the end of this week, up to 6m so the forecast says. Will let you know how that goes and whether I have enough courage to brave those conditions.

Photo: Llandudno beach- Pulse8images