March 08, 2007 @ 11:18 AM – Emma York

Coming to South Africa has been full of adventure this year as well as getting out kiteboarding as much as I can.

And last weekend was no exception. It was long over due that I get down and see some of the south coast and explore the beaches there.

Taking the scenic route we headed out of Cape Town and along the coast sea road towards Hermanus, where we had a lunch pit-stop before carrying on to Dyer Island. This is home to the infamous Great White Shark cage diving. Unfortunately we were too late to get on a boat that day, but some of the people coming off the last boat had told us how they had seen up to 8 great whites around their boat!

After another couple of hours of driving we arrivedat our destintion- Struiss Baai! Getting to swim in the ocean in South Africa, without a wetsuit was something I never thought I would be doing and it was amazingly refreshing.

To top off a great day we drove down to Cape Aghulas, which is the real southern most point of South Africa, the last point of land before getting to Antarctica! Eating fish and chips on the beach with a cold beer under the light house was a beautiful end to a nice day.

The weekend produced a lot of rain and offshore winds, but luckily we managed to kitesurf both days, the Sunday being the better of the two as the sun was hot and shining down on us and the waves were awesome. Not my best tack for ridng waves but its all good practice and the water was warm, so helped a lot and it was so much fun being out there with loads of friends!!!