Sugar Charlie

March 07, 2007 @ 3:20 PM – Charlotte Dutton

Hey Everyone,

My name is Sugar Charlie formally known as Charlotte Dutton, I am a Pro Snowboarder and a fashion model, (that’s me on the cover of Cooler jumping around like a mad person, the cooler team had me sweating haha)

I have been Snowboarding for years and have competed all over the world, but for the last 5 years or so I have spent a lot of my winter seasons in Whistler Canada. I bought a house there a couple of years ago so I always feel at home there and have somewhere nice to stay!

At the moment I am at home in London, because I have a bad shoulder, but I hope to go to Whistler soon.(as soon as its better I’m off)

But it’s not all bad, I have some crazy things going on over here!

Anthony Mascolo aka Toni & Guy, is creating me a new haircut which will be named after me “Sugar Charlie”.

I don’t know what its like yet as he is in St Lucia on his holidays, but I have a new phone with an amazing camera it’s the new Sony Ericsson W710i so I will get some pics.

I also attended the Harrods Rocks exhibition, featuring everything from guitars to fashion. I met my old friend Ronnie Wood there … he was in his element.

Sugar Charlie xxx