Wow! What a Summer

September 03, 2008 @ 2:40 PM – annikenbinz

I’ve just had the best summer ever! Cruising around and base jumping in the Norwegian mountains, my favourite place by far to go jumping. It started out with the Extremesports week in Voss in June and after that various areas were visited. I spent most of my time in Romsdalen where the famous Trollwall is, but also had a couple of weeks in Kjerag, which is the hot spot for base jumping in Norway.  The cool thing is that my boyfriend sdid his first jumps of cliffs this summer and it’s been fantastic to be able to share it with him.

I’ve also been flying my wing suit a lot this summer. Last week I was in Switzerland filming for a Spanish TV show hosted by my team mate Carlos Suaréz, and I got to go around and do plenty of nice wing suit jumps. One of them is the cliff where they filmed the 007 Golden Eye scene where James Bond chases a plane off a cliff on a motorbike! It is supposed to be in Russia, but in real life the cliff is actually in Switzerland!

Next week I’m off to do some jumps in the mountains of Monte Negro and I’m very excited, summer is not over yet;-)