New Berghaus Cinema Ad

October 09, 2008 @ 2:26 PM – annikenbinz

I really had fun during the filming of the new Berghaus Cinema Ad even though it was quite scary at times.

The location for the shoot was Kjerag in Norway, a base jumping paradise, where I normally spend a lot of time every summer. We didn’t have many days to film and ended up being extremely lucky with the weather. The west coast of Norway is prone to bad weather, and it’s not rare to be stuck for a week without jumping. But the weather and most other things were on our side and although we had a tight schedule, we worked from sunrise to sunset and nailed all the shots.

The film crew definitely takes a lot of credit for this, I have never worked with such a professional group of people before, and it was really a dream. It made everything much easier. Like when I had to climb down on the portaledge and sit there half a day…it was quite scary since it was a first time experience for me, but I knew we had the best people rigging everything so I felt safe. After a while I also got used to sitting there, because I had to watch Leo climb up and down until they got all the shots they wanted.

The other base jumpers who were in Kjerag at the time would come up on a regular basis and jump right over where I was sat in the wall, and they all saluted me when they dived past, yelling out my name or just saying hello. It was quite mind blowing to see how much speed one picks up after only 160ft.

The best part of the shoot however was when we finished all the climbing sequences and finally started jumping! We managed to do four jumps, which is very good considering one out of three filming days it was way too windy, and there was a 2 hour hike back after each jump. Afterwards when I think back I realize that I quite like the hanging in the wall part, it is different from the jumping over the edge thing I normally do, base jumping is such a piece of cake compared to climbing. And I must admit that I would love to do it again!

See the cinema ad and the making of the movie here!