Jumping in Italy

December 03, 2008 @ 11:17 AM – annikenbinz

Every year I do a nice little trip in fall with my boyfriend, and this time I took him to the Italian mountains so that we could do some base jumps together.

The cliff I had in mind is a tall (1500m) cliff and perfect with beginners as it has a huge overhang. And to get there you only have to walk along a path for 40 minutes! Easy! In Norway we hike up steep mountains for hours to get to the top, and on this hike I didn’t even bother bringing water.

Due to strong winds in the middle of the day, the best time to jump is early morning and before sunset. So we got into a routine of doing two jumps a day, and spending the afternoons sightseeing and drinking capuccinos.

We ventured around the beautiful Garda lake with the narrow roads with steep drops (where the car scene in the beginning of the new 007 is shot), and really enjoyed our little holiday. I mostly flew my wingsuit, but also did some fun jumps with my boyfirend where we tried different unstable exits.

Autum is not the best season for base jumping in Norway, so being back in Oslo now I’m spending my days practicing yoga every day and planning my next expedition which will be in Venezuela over New Year. There are plenty of things to be organize so I will keep myself busy until I si ton the plane and meet the sun