Easter Jumping

April 16, 2009 @ 1:32 PM – annikenbinz

The last two weeks have just been fantastic. I’ve been on Easter holiday with my boyfriend in Florida. The reason for going was mainly to take advantage of the hot sunny weather to skydive in order to warm up before the base jumping season starts back home. But we of course also found ourselves hanging out in South Beach, Miami for a few days, getting pampered at a very nice hotel, having a blast in the theme parks in Orlando (especially at the 3D Spiderman ride at Island of Adventure), going to the beach and in general chilling out a lot☺

Even though we did do the touristy vacation stuff, we also really enjoyed the skydiving. I did the first jumps on my new parachute, and my boyfriend got to fly his new Wingsuit for the first time and we were both pretty stoked. We did a lot of free fly jumps and tracking jumps. In these kind of jumps you use all the different angles of your body to fly through the air. It requires a lot of skill and training, and we felt we were just getting to a comfortable level when the holiday was suddenly over and we had to head back home. It’s easy to forget how much fun skydiving is when you spend most the time base jumping, but I will certainly try to jump more from planes this summer. Although the vacation is over the travelling is not- with under 24 hours stop over in Oslo I have to be quick at un- packing and packing my bags , my next flight takes me to Dehli where I will be filming for a new travel show with Eurosport.