Base Jumping in Montenegro and Albania

September 18, 2008 @ 12:36 PM – annikenbinz

Last week I did a base jump tour around Serbia, Montenegro and Albania. I received the invitation last year and was very excited when everything went through! I had never been to this part of Europe and I was not disappointed.

The first jumps we made were from a 90m tall building in Belgrade with quite a tight landing, and as wind conditions were not good only two of us jumped, but it was enough to get people really stoked on the ground. Then we set out on a road trip to Montenegro in two Nissan Navara’s. We were four jumpers, two photographers, one climber and the organizer, and all in very high spirits.

The first day in Montenegro we jumped a bridge, and set our camp right next to it and the beautiful river gorge Tara. The following day we headed to the border of Albania, and set a new camp there and started scoping out the cliffs, which were truly incredible. It was a good thing we had a climber with us who knew the area, if not we would’ve spent days finding the right approaches, and getting stuck in difficult places where we needed to secure ourselves with ropes. Also no body spoke English so an interpreter is definitely advisable if you plan on going there.

In the end we only did one wing suit jump of a freestanding cliff called the Virgin rock, but plans for next years climbs and jumps were made. We did some more bridge jumps on the way back to Belgrade and scoped out some more cliffs. All in all it was a very good trip, great to see some new places, and the mountains in Montenegro are really mind blowing. There are so many possible jumps there… Even though we only jumped one cliff, we were all very happy with what we had achieved in only five days.