Sport Trip Morocco!

August 10, 2009 @ 7:35 AM – Anne-Flore Marxer

I just came back from Morocco, where I was hosting a TV show called Sport Trip for Eurosport, I’ll give you heads up as soon as I know when it will air!

On Sport Trip I’ll take you with me on several trips, each in a different location in order to try another sport. Morocco was my first destination, and our first stop was in the Tamuda Bay on the coast of the mediterranean sea in the north part of Morocco. It was my first time scuba diving and it was great! We spent the day on the boat in a charming creek, I even saw and touched an octopus! The weather was beautiful and Boubker, my scuba instructor, took really good care of me. It was funny to see my two cameramen setting up their camera infrastructure on a very small and slippery rock in the middle of the birds and water!

From there we traveled to Rabat, which is the capital of Morocco and went horse riding in the Royal Equestrian Club of Dar El Salam. I hadn’t ridden a horse for a while and was stoked to ride through the forest and do a couple of mini jumps on my horse! My horse teacher, Ali, was such a cool guy and all his mini women students were adorable!

We spent the next day golfing right next door, at the Royal Golf Club which is absolutely stunning, it’s also the biggest in Morocco. It was really hot that day but I was more than happy to get to work on my golf skills. Even though I had a hard time to concentrate in that heat! That night we were walking in Rabat, filming some lifestyle when I injured my leg stepping on a piece of metal. But I was lucky and could to walk home after some stitches in my leg. The temperature went up to 45 celsius the next day and I was lucky to rest that day… Unfortunately I won’t be able to get into the water for the following sport trips and we had to leave the next day.

Hosting this TV show was pretty scary at first, and luckily my cameramen Guillaume and Alexis where super cool and really helped me going through this! I was really sad not to spend an other week with those guys, but hopefully I’ll get to work with them soon again.

Thanks to Sebastien Laugier, Eurosport and the Tourism office of Morocco for giving me this opportunity, and thanks to Amine, Bradley, Atman, Guillaume and Alexis for making this trip so much fun!