Billabong photoshoot in New Zealand

September 23, 2009 @ 7:41 AM – Anne-Flore Marxer

I’ve been traveling heavily the last couple months and have a couple blogs to share with you. I’ll begin with the Billabong Shoot in New Zealand we just had.

Going to cold winter in the middle of the summer always feels funny. I always forget half of my gear, and get half sick. This time we all got sick at some point. Luckily the Fifa Xbox game kept all of us happy and alive through the down days. The house was quite full and I was staying in an RV through the whole trip. And most of you already know it is my favorite!

I really enjoyed hanging out with all my team mates, Sylvain, Clint, Jenny, Wolle, Jamie etc. Them and Vanessa, Eric, Woody, Andrew, Danielle, Nick and David.

I arrived right on a sunny day with powder. We went up to Treble Cone and slashed some pow, the view is beautiful from up there, overlooking lake Wanaka. The next day was still sunny and we took the opportunity to go heli boarding.

After that the weather got bad and we shot all the catalog stuff we needed. We had many shots to get with all next year’s gear and it didn’t leave much time for adventure. But we all had a good time. plus I got to add another 10 soups to my pumpkin soup list. YUM!

All together we stayed 2 weeks and, as we had to fly over the pacific ocean, on the way back Vanessa and I decided to stop over in Fiji and I’ll tell you all about it in my next blog.

Thanks to Vanessa Andrieux for the photos and to Billabong for the fun trip!